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beaux mots.

- beautiful words; an au fic community

beaux mots between writers.
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au ficcage from various writers

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beaux mots

Hello all, and welcome to beauxmots, the first AU-dedicated community for football slash. Here we've only got a few rules, used mostly to keep things running smoothly.

- Please tag. It's important, and if you consistantly refuse to tag, you will be consistantly reminded. Make life easier for both of us and just do it.

- No flaming other members/pairings. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean nobody else will.

- AU is a hard genre to write, and for those that haven't done a lot of it, it's even harder. Please keep critisism constructive.

- Please include headers before your story (title, author, pairing, rating, disclaimer and summary).

-STAY ON TOPIC. This is an AU fic community. Fics based on a footballer's canon existence are fine, but NOT TO BE POSTED HERE.

-Also, please make sure that your fic, however crazy or far-fetched, deals with FOOTBALLERS in an alternate universe.

- Come here to apply to post. You must be friended to the community, and provide us with a snippet/draft of your AU.

- Do not come here to pick a fight. You will be banned.

- Come here to affiliate.

With that said, enjoy! ♥

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